Kochi, also known as Cochin, is a major port city in southwestern India. It is a part of the Ernakulam district of Kerala state. With a population of 612,343 in the inner city and 2.1 million in the urban area, Kochi is the center of Greater Cochin, the largest city in Kerala and it is designated by the Indian government as a second-class city. Many visitors come to Kochi to feel the harmonious atmosphere and open space. It is famous for beautiful beaches, skyscrapers, and lush scenery as well as invaluable local resources that contribute to the Indian economy.

Kochi has been named the Queen of the Arabian Sea that was once an important spice trade center on the west coast of India since the 14th century and it still maintained a trading network with Arab traders from pre-Islamic times. Being occupied by the Portuguese since 1503, Kochi was the first European colony in India. Later, the city was captured by the Dutch and British. Today, Kochi heads Kerala in total domestic and international tourists and ranks sixth on Indian tourist destinations according to a survey conducted by Nielsen Company. Kochi is one of 28 Indian cities on the list of 440 emerging global cities that are expected to occupy 50% of the world GDP by 2025.