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Myanmar (Burma) is simply amazing. This country of 55 million is rapidly emerging from more than 50 years of military dictatorship, blossoming into as worthy a stop as its popular neighbors. The people are more than friendly; they're thrilled to have tourists after being closed off to the West for so long. And it's safe; you won't constantly need to feel for your purse or hold your jewelry tightly.

Myanmar's attractions lie largely in the area of the spiritual. Temples, pagodas and historical sites abound with some areas such as Bagan boasting so many attractions that it would be impossible to take them in during a single visit. Myanmar has some nice and beautiful isolated beaches, some are seasonal beaches (closed during the monsoon season). Beach tourism is fairly developed in Ngapali and Thandwe and is slowly catching up in Chaung Tha, Ngwesaung and areas near Dawei (locations near Dawei have many isolated beaches). With landscapes, tropical climate, beaches, cheap transportation and truly awesome sights, Myanmar is a fascinating destination. As a friendly tour provider, Asia Group Tour is very happy to introduce visitors tours and packages exploring this golden pagoda country. 

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