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10 things you will remember when leaving Phu Quoc

Something is simply but enough to get anyone who has ever travelled Phu Quoc will remember forever!

Beautiful clear water at Sao Beach

Sao beachSao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc

Sao Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc. It owns creamy white sand over 7 kilometers long, curve-hugging designs like the moon. Besides, the tall and straight coconut trees are also highlight adorning the perfect beauty of Sao Beach. You can just walk on the beautiful beaches and look far away or lie under the shade of coconut trees to enjoy the feeling of peace of mind.

Enjoying the sunset in Dinh Cau

See sunset from Dinh Cau temple

See sunset from Dinh Cau temple

Dinh Cau cape is a landscape which visitors to Phu Quoc choose to relax and enjoy the scenery. Natural rock like a mountain with strange shape is surrounded by waves in three sides and heaving rocks. The peak is adorned with ancient temple with moss on the roof and two dragons flanking a moon by blue glaze porcelain, under porous ancient canopy over a century-old trees spreading as wide as all four seasons green parasols. The sunset is extremely beautiful, bringing a great emotion to the guests.

Enjoying fresh seafood

Grilled sea urchin

Grilled sea urchin - speciallity in Phu Quoc

In Phu Quoc, when walking on the beach, you can always see the blue fishing boats bobbing offshore far away. That is why fresh seafood dishes are always available everywhere, from the barbecue in restaurants to small shops in the night market of Duong Dong. In this market, you can freely choose your favorite seafood from scallops to countless delicious fishes with very good quality. Also, if you want to buy cheaper fresh seafood, you can go to Ham Ninh fishing village and ask the local people here to cook them with only a small fee. 

Peaceful setting in the ancient fishing village Ham Ninh

Ham Ninh village

Ham Ninh village

In Ham Ninh, tourists as the nostalgic return to the old village. Life here seems almost still remains untouched beauty with simple bamboo-walled cottages. Main occupation is still the pearl diving, catching sea cucumber and crab. Visiting Ham Ninh in the early morning to see the sunrise or enjoying the new moon night, tourists can enjoy all the beauty of this place. Many people say that, visting Ham Ninh without enjoying boiled crab shall be deemed incomplete. The just caught crabs are boiled. They are bright red color, very fresh and be served with juicy lemon pepper salt. It í very delicious!

Wild Tranh stream

Waterfall in Tranh streamWaterfall in Tranh stream

Tranh stream is close to Duong Dong town of Phu Quoc, about 10 km. Tranh stream is a branch derived from Ham Ninh mountain range, formed by small streams. Natural scenery at Tranh stream is very harmonious by the calm small waterfall, crystal-clear spring water illuminating the foliage at the top, alternating the foliage is the lovely beautiful orchid branch. All make an amazing landscape as a painting and the name of Tranh stream comes from which (“Tranh” means “Painting”). Coming to Tranh stream, visitors can freely walk on the narrow paths under the soft vegetation,the roadside with fragrant grass, butterflies and cold air. If tired, you can sit on rocks covered with moss, under the cool canopy, listen to the babbling streams and chirp birds singing. It is very peaceful and poetic.

Night squid fishing

Night Squid Fishing

Night squid fishing is one of the most exciting activities on Phu Quoc island
When night falls, the whole island of Phu Quoc became silent but far away, the lives of fishermen are still bustling with shimmering lights like a busy city. It's time to experience the exciting moments of relaxation and work crew with night squid fishing. It’s so interesting if you can catch squid are hunting under the sea or swordfish emerging from the sea by yourself. After that, you will be served “trophy” right on boat. 

Journey to the source at the Phu Quoc prison

Phu Quoc prison

Inside Phu Quoc prison

Located in the neighborhood of Cay Dua, An Thoi commune in the southernmost area of ​​Phu Quoc Island, Phu Quoc prison is the prison of the southern revolutionary soldiers before freeing time. Arriving at the place which has been dubbed as "hell on earth" this, and witnessing artifacts in here, you will see more clearly the patriotism of our compatriots, understand more about the history of the people of Vietnam and more love our country. 

Diving to see coral

DivingDiving to see coral and colorful fishes

Diving to see coral is an activity loved by tourists to Phu Quoc because this experience does not restrict the age. You do not need a sporty appearance, even those who cannot swim can still do that by wearing lifejackets, simply let yourself float on the water and watch the fish or coral. Marine ecosystem belonging to An Thoi archipelago in the South or Mong Tay islet, and Doi Moi islet in the north of Phu Quoc Island is the perfect place to explore the world's oceans,especially the coral reefs here are in Vietnam topped in term of the richness with 17 types of hard, soft and various types of sea anemones.

The primeval forest

If you're a love adventure, this is the choice for you. You can book a tour or go explore the North Island or Da Ngon stream Ecological Reserve or Ganh Dau Ecological Reserve. Some adventurous visitors discover for themselves in primary forest or hire a local tour guide during the journey of discovery.

Explore the island on a motorcycle

Explore Phu Quoc island by motorbike

Explore Phu Quoc island by motorbike 

In addition to Long beach, Sao Beach, Khem beach, most wonderful beaches of the island are still unexplored. The roads in Phu Quoc are not crowded, you only need to rent a motorcycle and go in search of deserted sandy beaches. The best place to find their own paradise is along the northern beaches of the island.

All these things are the most interesting activities you should not miss when joining Phu quoc island tour with Asia Group Tour. Phu Quoc is the beautiful tropical island in South of Vietnam, visting here you will have much more memorable experience.