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Live as a Fisherman in a day on Halong Bay

Coming to Halong, visitors not only enjoy the beautiful scenery, enjoy the fresh air but also take part in a special tour on Halong cruise as fisherman and kayaking and explore interesting points at sea.

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Fishing on Halong bayFishing with Halong fishermen

Experience “Fisherman in a day” on Halong Bay

Joining Vietnam Halong bay tour“Fisherman in a day“, the visitors from many places desire to explore the daily life activities of fishermen at sea.

At the program, tourists will have the opportunity to discover the natural beauty of the bay, live with the fishermen, participate in activities taking place in the Bay fishing village in Halong such as fishing, boating, kayaking around the cave and living at floating house on Halong Bay

Boating with Fishermen

Boating with local fisherman on Halong bay

The detail itinerary

Tourists are divided into small groups equipped with life jackets and put down the small boat. The boat was taken to the location where the fishermen are fishing and visitors can boat and catch fish as a true fisherman.

Fishing Visitors can boat and catch fish as a true fisherman

At the noon, a time when everyone in the group feels tired and hungry, the fishermen motioned for harvesting. This is the most exciting step for everyone. The amateur fishermen are shown how to remove the fish so as not to tear the net. Everyone is happy, when catching fresh fish.