Stretching on the dry plains on the eastern bank of the Ayeyarwady River belonged central Myanmar, about 145 km southwest of Mandalay, Bagan is a small Mandalay town with a total area of 40 km². This is an important archaeological site of Myanmar, where there is the convergence of the most famous and unique architectural temples in Southeast Asia.

Bagan has a tropical climate, only rainy season and dry season. You should not travel to Bagan from March to May - very hot months, and from June to October - months with heavy rains. The best time to visit Bagan is from November to February next year.

Bagan is a beautiful city with ancient temples and breathtaking balloons. Shwezigon Paya is the most famous and beautiful religious work in Bagan built in the 11th century. Ananda Pahto is considered the most important temple in Bagan. This temple is one of the last remaining temples in the Pagan Dynasty. Shwesandaw Paya is the highest temple in Bagan while Dhammayangyi Pahto is a temple of dark past. In addition, Sulamani Pahto, Pya-Tha-Da Paya và Htilominlo Pahto are the temples you should not miss when coming to this country.