Bat Trang pottery is the common name for all kinds of Vietnamese pottery produced in Bat Trang village, Bat Trang commune, Gia Lam district, Hanoi. According to Sino-Vietnamese meaning, the word Bat (鉢) is the monk's bowls (Sanskrit is Patra), and Trang (場, also known as Truong) means "big yard", which is land reserved for specialization. According to the elderly people in the village, the word Bat on the left is the "Kim- 金" for wealth, "本 -bong" means the source, the origin. Using such a word to advise that your children "have a career will not forget their roots".

Bat Trang pottery village 

Bat Trang pottery village is located on the left bank of the Red River, in Gia Lam district. Bat Trang is the oldest and most famous pottery village in Vietnam, a favorite destination for many domestic and foreign tourists, the traditional cultural sensation here. Bat Trang pottery village produces a variety of goods in both types and designs, including fine art items such as statues and reliefs, high technology, breeds, flower vases, hanging plates. The most interesting when visiting Bat Trang pottery village is to directly visit the artisans to make extremely delicate products, especially you can hand-craft the products that you love.

How to transfer to Bat Trang pottery village

How to go to Bat Trang pottery village? How to transfer to Bat Trang pottery village is very convenient and simple, you can go by river, bus or motorbike.
  • Waterway: Usually on weekends, the Red River tour goes through Bat Trang pottery village and Chu Dong Tu temple - Tien Dung. Or follow National Highway 5 to Trau Quy, turn to the right, follow the inter-district road through Da Ton commune to Bat Trang (more than 20 km).

Bat Trang pottery village 

  • Going by motorbike: Through Chuong Duong bridge or Vinh Tuy bridge, Thanh Tri bridge then turns right to go along the Red River dike, when it comes to the sign of Bat Trang pottery village.
  • Take the bus: Catch the bus to Long Bien transfer point and then on bus 47, get to the last point. Bat Trang village is only about 200m away from the last port, you can walk to pottery village.

Hope that after the post, tourists will have useful and necessary information for traveling to Bat Trang village.