For more than half a century, the restaurant has been waiting for food. The old memories of childhood, the images of Saigon from the noodle shop look out many people stick with this place.
Located in the bustling center of District 1, a small noodle shop less than half a century still "holds" many generations of customers. Guests who want to eat patiently, buyback or sit back must wait for 15 minutes, even more than half an hour to be served. The person who finishes eating must leave the chair to make room for others! The restaurant opens from 5 am, only until about 9-10 pm is all gone.
Cuong Ky Mi Gia
Diners come here with enough noodles to choose from Tieu noodles, big noodles, flat noodles, soft noodles and so on. Also, there are soft chewy cakes for making traditional style, completely from rice flour, and no flour. That diversity makes diners not bored by being able to change their taste every day.
The basic materials are hardwood, liver, ribs, lean meat, minced meat and so on. The most special is the snakehead fish that remove all the bones, white and without a strong fishy smell which are suitable for many tastes. Diners can order mixed noodles to combine them all, or choose only 1 or 2 dishes. Eating well can call a bowl of fish or add a squeeze of noodles to be full.