Pindaya is a town in the Shan State of Myanmar, located in the west of the state in Pindaya Township, Taunggyi District. According to the legend of the local people, the name "Pindaya" has a special meaning attached to the story of a prince who has rescued seven princesses from giant spiders. Therefore, the name "Pindaya" originated in "Pinguya" which means "catching the spider".

Pindaya is famous for its limestone cave, which is adjacent to the lake located deep in the hillside with an altitude of 1,200 meters above sea level. Pindaya Cave is a cave with a capacity of more than 8000 Buddha stretches 150 meters in the different sizes. The statues are made of white marble, copper or plaster, covered with gold leaf. At the entrance to the south of the cave, there are a 15 meters high Shwe Min U Temple and a large bronze bell. On the holidays of Shwe Min U Temple, you will see the traditional art troupe performing under the old banyan trees in the temple, and many people to worship the Buddha.