Quan Cong Temple (address - No. 24 Tran Phu Street) is also known as Ong Pagoda, the name is Tran Han Cung, settled by the Minh Huong people in Hoi An and the Vietnamese together in the mid-17th century.


The Temple of Guan Gong consists of four buildings, one vestibule, two left-right buildings, and one large main hall. Four buildings were built in the style of a letter, the structure was in a stacked style with roof tiles and a unique roof, decorated with elaborate dragon motifs.

Quan Cong Temple 

In addition, in Mieu Quan Cong, there is a lot of sea willow, wonton, maple, stone beer, and ancient artifacts. In particular, the temple also kept a poem of the bay and the ancient fable written by Xuan Nguyen district (the father of the great poet Nguyen Du) in 1775, when he described Binh Nam general as a soldier. in Hoi An; and 2 sketches by Uong Si Cu and Nguyen Lenh Tan. Experiencing many ups and downs of history, but all of them are pure color. It is also a rare historical relic that still exists today, marking the time of the Trinh-Nguyen war in Dang Trong in the 18th century.