Tan Phong is an isle commune located in the middle of Tien River in the territory of Cai Lay district, Tien Giang province. Tan Phong island is favorable in the development of fruit orchards, aquaculture and fishing. With an area of ​​over a thousand hectares, fresh and cool climate, Tan Phong is the destination of eco-tours.

River swimming - an attractive activities in Tan Phong

Through Cai Be ferry, visitors will have a tourism experience that people here often call "tam con" - "river swimming". This is a beautiful island surrounded by fruit orchards, the people are gentle and hospitable. From the ferry for about 10 minutes, tourists will arrive at Mekong Ecolodge tourist area, this tourist area was built from natural materials with leaf roofs, bamboo and wooden furniture. Each bungalow is designed according to local people's house style. After checking in the room, it is time to wear the colorful swimwear and have a funny time in the cool river water. Many tourists have fallen in love with this activity after experiencing in Tan Phong island.

Tan Phong island

Tan Phong island

Biking on the village roads

Cycling around the island on the village roads, along the sides of the road, there are many flowers growing from the grass that look very beautiful and dreaming. Through the village roads, tourists can stop to visit craft villages such as knitting coconut leaves for roofing, weaving baskets with water hyacinth materials, making rice paper, or mix with nature in the middle of the rambutan fruit garden and enjoying the sweet taste of this fruit.

Boating around the island

Visitors can sail around the island and go along the small canals to the orchards or go straight the large river to the Cai Be floating market, it is a good way to learn about the activities of the local people.

Tan Phong island

Tan Phong island

Tourism development potential of Tan Phong island

In Tan Phong, the type of homestay tourism is very developed, people here are happy and hospitable people. Visitors here are guided by tourist staff and local people to make pancakes. This is a typical dish of the region that any tourists want to try once.
With the potential to develop tourism based on the natural landscape of charming rivers and land, Tan Phong island ecotourism impresses domestic and international tourists, promising the return of tourists after discovering.