Suoi Tranh Phu Quoc is an ideal place for tourists, located about 9km south of the center of Duong Duong. When visiting Suoi Tranh, tourists can enjoy beautiful scenery like pictures in the rainy season. Therefore, you should not come here from February to May because it is the dry season in Phu Quoc island.

Tranh Stream Waterfall

The road to Suoi Tranh is very easy compared to Da Ban Stream, so the number of tourists coming here is very high in the high season.

From the foot of the stream, visitors follow the bumpy stone road to source 300m to discover the mysterious nature, camping, stream bathing - waterfall and relax between the forest flavor.

There is a stream flowing through the rock rapids, creating soft, white waterfalls in the smooth green of the flowers and plants. The frame is like a beautifully natural picture so people call it Suoi Tranh.

Tranh Stream Waterfall

Coming to this ecotourism destination, visitors can bathe in the stream, immerse themselves in the clear, cool water, leaning on flat stones to hear the murmuring stream, the sound of birds chirping in the atmosphere. Incense of forest flowers by the stream. Tourists can camp, fish and grill fish, enjoy the spot very interesting.

There are many mysterious and mysterious caves near Suoi Tranh. The bat cave is located on a high mountain of about 200 m, up to 50m deep, with many beautiful and strange stalactites.