If Halong Bay is the garden of natural castles in the world, then Cua Van fishing village is truly a unique wonder of the fishermen. Cua Van fishing village has been included in the list of 16 most beautiful ancient villages in the world by Journeyetc.com tourism website (2012).

The overview of Cua Van Floating Village

Cua Van fishing village is in Hung Thang commune, Halong city, about 20km from the tourist pier. These houses are floating on the water and located in a calm sea area, surrounded by majestic limestone mountains named Van Gia - Cua Van.

At present, there are more than 300 households living mainly on fishing. The households here build an extremely lovely housing system. Even 5-6-year-old children also know how to paddle. 

Cua Van Floating VillageCua Van Floating Village

The village nestles in the majestic limestone mountains floating on the waters. The extremely romantic landscapes here actually deeply leave a unique impression in tourists' mind. The boats covered eye-catching colors create a shimmering picture bobbing on the immense bay. Life of the denizens here has not been disturbed by modern life yet.

What to do in Cua Van Floating Village

Coming here, you will have the chance to experience the feeling of being a fisherman by using a basket boat to go around and see the whole scene. The village also has a center for exhibiting artifacts such as floating culture, pearl culture infrastructure and pearl samples caught by fishermen.

They consist of tools, means in the fishing of ancient Vietnam, numerous images, documentaries, publications on folk culture and daily life of the residents living in a fishing village on Halong Bay. All are reproduced by the models according to 6 main themes: nature and human, livelihoods of fishermen, material life of fishermen, waters with life, spirituality with spiritual life, for today and for future. 

Singing in Cua Van Floating Village

Singing in Cua Van Floating Village

When the night falls, tourists and fishermen row around the village. Raising the net, fishing, or squid fishing are interesting activities that you can try here. 

The floating village becomes more excited when there are festivals or weddings. Guests have the opportunity to hear the song couples on the boat singing to each other. All create unforgettable experiences during your Halong trip.