Hpa-An or Pa-An is a picturesque town in the Kayin State of Myanmar. This town is also the capital of the Kayin State. Hpa-An is the living place of the Karen people and has a population of 41,501.

Hpa-An has a tropical monsoon climate. The temperature is very warm all year round although the maximum temperature is somewhat lowered in the monsoon season because of heavy rain and clouds. There is a dry season in winter ( from November to April) and a wet season in summer (from May to October). The heavy rains last from June to August with more than 1,100mm only falling in August.

Hpa-An is famous for its tourist attractions. Shweyinhmyaw Paya is a pagoda on the northwest end of the town with the spectacular views of the sunset. You can admire it from a viewing tower or at the riverside near the pagoda. Kan Thar Yar is a small lake in the southern part of the town with a nice view from Mt Zwegabin across a wooden bridge, which is an ideal place for walking in the evening. Saddan Cave is a huge cave filled with a Buddha face rock, a reclining Buddha statue, a pagoda, and many other Buddhist items. Besides, Kyauk Kalap, Kaw Ka Taung Cave, Lumbini Garden, Mount Zwegabin, Bat Cave are the must-see in Hpa-An.