LangBiang is one of the ideal tourist destinations for travelers coming to Da Lat. It is the heart, also the highest mountain of the foggy city of Da Lat.

The love story of Langbiang mountain

Even if you stand in any position in Da Lat city, you will be able to see this mountain. Not only is Langbiang Da Lat a mountain, but it is also associated with many memories of love. Along with that is the legend of the land.

The peak is named LangBiang according to a legend about the love of a girl named H’Biang and a boy named K'Lang. They lived at the top of this mountain and loved each other. But, because they were in different tribes, the two sides protested and banned their love. The two chose death to keep that sacred love for themselves.

Where is Langbiang Da Lat?

Langbiang mountain is one of the highest ones located in the outskirts of Dalat city. This tourist area is located in Lac Duong district.

Traveling to Lang Biang mountain

Traveling to Lang Biang mountain

In addition, the Langbiang mountain also owns many herbs and rare bird species in Vietnam's conservation list. This area is currently under the management of Lam Dong tourism company.

Located in the north of Dalat city, 12 km from the city, it is an ideal vacation destination for you and your family.

Tickets to visit Langbiang

The fare of the Langbiang area is VND 20,000/guest.

What to do in Langbiang mountain

After a period of remodeling and reconstruction, this site is now known by many domestic and international tourists because of its poetic and fanciful beauty. It is a tourist destination voted by travelers as one of the top 5 places everyone should not miss when coming to Dalat city.

Climbing to the mountain

Langbiang Da Lat area is a mountain peak in Lac Duong district territory. It is covered by many different massive mountains. The peak that tourists often know is the 1929-meter-high Radar peak, followed by a mountain of 2167-meter height. The remaining is Nui Ong peak, which is 2124 meters high.

Langbiang mountain has many places for travelers to visit. It is an eco-tourism area imbued with national identity, famous for its tourism type of picnic, exploring nature and mountains of the Central Highlands. These places are very unique, which only exist in Da Lat.

Admiring the scenery on a jeep

Visiting Lang Biang mountain on a jeep

Visiting Lang Biang mountain on a jeep

It is a pretty good idea for Langbiang tourists who like to sit on the car and watch the forest on both sides of the road to save their energy for other activities on the peak. The fare to rent a jeep is VND 300,000 for 5-6 people.

Resting and relaxing

When coming to the Langbiang Da Lat tourist area, visitors will experience the services and facilities here, visit and know about Da Lat as a city with countless ideal tourist destinations that anyone must also be admiring. It is truly a place for you and your family to travel and go on vacation to leave all worries in life and work.

When you come here, you can enjoy yourself with nature, watch the sky full of clouds, admire the panoramic view of Da Lat city, and sip a cup of coffee after climbing the Radar mountain peak of Langbiang.

In addition, the Langbiang Da Lat spot also offers tourists strong feelings with various activities.

Going camping

With many high-end resorts and services that are very useful for visitors, Langbiang also provides a private area for them to camp and stay overnight here.

You can sit by the fire and drink some wine, listen to the musical melody played by the traditional instrument of the Lach ethnic people, dance and sing together all night. When night falls, you can see the Lach girls sit and weave brocade by the light.


This is an adventure game enjoyed by many visitors in Langbiang which was put into operation in 2014. To play this game, you have to be trained with a short course to know how to use paragliding safely and adequately.

The starting point of the tour is the Radar peak, and the end of the journey is Dan Kia lake. The ticket price for this game for one flight is VND 600,000.

Buying souvenirs

Visit a souvenir store of the Lach people

Visit a souvenir store of the Lach people

Visitors can buy the specialties of the Lach people here, such as a back bamboo basket or a colorful piece of brocade to wear or decorate the house space.