Pai is a small town in the northern mountains of Thailand. Although it was a small town, it was extremely beautiful. If you have traveled to Thailand many times, instead of choosing familiar destinations such as Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, Hua Hin, etc, why not go to Pai to enjoy the tranquility of the scenery and immerse yourself in nature.

When to go to Pai?

Pai is located on the mountain so the climate is generally cool and temperate. However, visitors should not go in June, July, or August if you do not want to see unpredictable rains. If possible, then you should go to September, October, this time the weather is cool and the right time of the golden blooming flowers in Pai.



How to get to Pai?

If you want to go to Pai, you have to find ways to get to Chiang Mai first. From Saigon, you will have direct flights to Chiang Mai, but if you are in Hanoi, you need to fly to Bangkok first, then take a train or bus to Chiang Mai. When you arrive in Chiang Mai, you will buy a minivans ticket (a car with a range of about 9 guests) to get to Pai, the journey takes about 3 hours.

  • Buy a bus ticket on the spot: Tickets are not too expensive 150-200 Bath / turn, however, because the car is small and there are also many people going to Pai, you should book your car early to get a nice place. There are two firms moving from Chiang Mai to Pai, Avia and Aya.
  • Buy tickets in KKday: However, in order to reduce the suspense in the ticket booking to have the best place to sit, you can book a ticket to Pai via KKday. Book tickets via KKday, you will be delivered to the hotel in Chiang Mai (in the Chiang Mai old town and Tha Pae Gate area), but it will not apply for the latest trip at 5:30 pm (the first trip will start from 7:30 am).
  • Book a private car to Pai: If your group travels about 3-10 people, you can book a private car service to Pai to be comfortable in time and space.

Where to stay in Pai?

In fact, Pai is not too wide and the center of the entertainment area is just around the night market. There are a lot of hotels and homestay to choose around that area. If you want to take a hot bath and mix yourself with nature, you can stay around Tha Pai and Muang Paeng areas with 2 well-known hot springs.
You can choose 2 ways to move in Pai, which is motorbike or Red taxi rental.



Where to go and enjoy in Pai?

Night market

The night market is just a short street but sells everything with countless delicious and inexpensive food. A few bars and cafes are quite bustling tourists. In the evening, young people, especially tourists, gather here to have fun and dance. It is normal to drink a bottle of beer and dance or talk right on the road.

Wat Phrathat Mae Yen

Just away 2 km from town, this is a temple located on the mountain with a super beautiful white Buddha statue in Pai. You will have to climb a long ladder to reach the top, but it is worth because it is the place where you can see the whole beauty of Pai's natural beauty.



Hot mineral springs

Visiting Pai, let's remember to experience hot mineral springs once, the average temperature of mineral springs is about 80 Celsius degree, you will be wallowed in streams surrounded by green trees and misty which create the super romantic space. About 8km from the town, there are 2 well-known hot mineral springs, Tha Pai and Muang Rae.

The Merit Bridge

It is a long bamboo bridge that is as long as endless, crossing a green, vast grassy field. Take a relaxing stroll while taking in the natural scenery, or taking "cool" photos.

Pai Canyon

Going from town about 7km, you will see a quite unique trail, very suitable for people taking photos. Despite the fact that the area is quite small and not as beautiful as Grand Crayon in Chiang Mai, but somehow the location is super beautiful in photos.

Pai is a small and beautiful town 130 km north of Chiang Mai. If you fell in love with Chiang Mai old town, then when you come to Pai, you will be completely cut down by the sweet and romantic beauty that Pai has for you.