Coming to Ta Van Giay village, visitors will be surprised by the idyllic, rustic beauty and the spacious, polite look of the houses in the village.

About Ta Van village

Ta Van village is located about 8 km from Sapa town which is a famous community tourist spot. Lying peacefully in the beautiful Muong Hoa valley, the road to Ta Van village follows the paths winding around the rolling hills. On both sides of the road are fertile terraced fields adorned with the green of corn and rice.

Ta Van village

Ta Van village

Ta Van, or Ta Van Giay village, is located in Ta Van commune, Sapa district, Lao Cai province. The village is at the foot of the mountain, consisting of 110 households with 550 inhabitants. Located in the territory of Hoang Lien National Park, Ta Van Giay village is the place where the essence of heaven and earth converge. In here, visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the lifestyle as well as the unique culture of Giay people.

You can move here by taxi or motorcycle taxi. Facing Muong Hoa stream, with mountain topography, Ta Van is the ideal place for you to enjoy the moment to be immersed in nature in a true way.

Surprisingly, Ta Van is very popular with foreign visitors. They left behind a bustling and hustle Sapa center to come here to rest. There are no hotels and motels here but beautiful homestay for you to choose from.

Experience in Ta Van village

Get rid of the urban life, visitors explore the peaceful space of the life of the villagers, come here where the hospitable people will help visitors learn more deeply and properly. What is the life of a highland village? Ta Van village has a strong identity of Giay ethnicity, and there are a few dozen households doing tourism in the form of homestay, participating in activities with homeowners to explore and experience indigenous culture. Most of the houses in Ta Van village are next to the sloping slope in the terraced fields, making the landscape more poetic. The house of Giay people has both stilt houses and ground houses.

Ta Van village

Ta Van village

The Giay people in Ta Van village still mainly earn their living by farming. In addition, they can forge their own silver carving and production tools. Giay women with skillful hands also create beautiful colorful hand-embroidered products. Giay people also love literature, they often perform traditional cultural repertoire such as fan dance, then dance, khen dance, etc and campfire at night for tourists to join.

Specialties of Ta Van village

Coming to Ta Van village, visitors will enjoy some special dishes of ethnic people who are prepared by the Giay people such as Muong Hum broiled fish, Muong Khuong horse meat, Bac Ha pork, five colors Van Ban sticky rice, and immerse in the festive atmosphere, folk games of the Giay people such as: Nap Cong festival, Roong Pooc festival, etc.

Currently, in Ta Van village, 24 households are licensed by Lao Cai tourism industry to welcome tourists when they want to stop or stay overnight. Visitors to Ta Van village mostly come from Europe like Sweden, France, Norway or from the America, Australia and many countries in Asia.