Tuyen Lam Lake is known as the "Most Unique Southern Lake" and the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat city. It is one of the extremely attractive places for tourists in the city of thousands of pine trees.

Brief information about Tuyen Lam Lake

Old name: Quang Trung Lake

Address: Da Lat city, Lam Dong province.

Location: besides Phung Hoang mountain, 7km from the center of Da Lat, 2km from Datanla waterfall.

Area: 320 hectares.

Description: It is the largest freshwater lake in Da Lat with many oases, surrounded by pine forests, is a complex of beautiful landscapes and famous tourist areas.

The peaceful beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake

The peaceful beauty of Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam Lake is known as the Most Unique Southern Lake because of its wild beauty and charm to travelers. The lake is one of the 21 Vietnam national tourist lake sites with many small oases and pine forests surrounding.

Where is Tuyen Lam Lake?

Tuyen Lam Lake is located at the foot of Phung Hoang mountain, in the southeast of Truc Lam Monastery, and is considered as a complex concentrating many beautiful landscapes and diverse tourist areas, services.

Guide of ways to Tuyen Lam Lake

There are two ways to go from Da Lat market to the lake.

1. Hoa Binh - Le Dai Hanh - Tran Quoc Toan - Ho Tung Mau - April 3 street - Prenn pass - Truc Lam Monastery - Tuyen Lam Lake.

2. Hoa Binh - February 3 Street - Pasteur - Trieu Viet Vuong - Tran Thanh Tong - Truc Lam Monastery - Tuyen Lam Lake.

You can ride a motorbike from the city center to the lake which is 7km away.

Otherwise, you can catch a 4-seat taxi which takes about VND 70,000.

Exploring the life on Tuyen Lam lake

Exploring the life on Tuyen Lam Lake

The story of the name Tuyen Lam Lake

With its unspoiled charm, few people know that this place is actually an artificial freshwater lake formed in the 30s. Farragut was a French farmer, and he was the first to explore the Tuyen Lam Lake area. The lake is surrounded by Tia stream area and the majestic Elephant mountain.

During the resistance period, Tuyen Lam became the base of resistance of the revolution and was called Tia stream area or Quang Trung area.

In 1987, Lam Dong forestry irrigation company built a dam to block the Tia stream and was renamed Tuyen Tam Lake with the meaning of "charming water."

Attractions of Tuyen Lam Lake

Charming scenery

When arriving in Da Lat, you will be impressed by the poetic beauty of Love Valley, Langbiang mountain, or the love story of the Hill of two graves, etc. To Tuyen Lam Lake, this is an ideal tourist destination with many interesting experiences waiting for you to explore.

The characteristic of the lake is that it is surrounded by lush pine forests, giving you a peaceful and joyful feeling with beautiful roads.

If you want to explore the whole lake, you can go to the lake ferry to hire a boat which takes VND 300,000-500,000 VND for a group of 6 to 15 people.

Tuyen Lam Lake in early morning

Tuyen Lam Lake in early morning

Exciting camping experience

It is also an ideal destination for picnics or camping by the lake, so you can enjoy the cold air and sip a glass of wine with family and friends here. It promises to be an exciting experience in Da Lat.

Various activities by the lake

In addition to enjoying the poetic landscape around the lake, you can participate in recreational activities such as horse riding, climbing, fishing, or going pedal duck here.

Tuyen Lam Lake dam

If you travel to Tuyen Lam Lake, you can visit this dam site. Owning a beautiful appearance, the dam is one of the locations you should not ignore when coming to Da Lat.

Wooden bridge of Tuyen Lam Lake

When you visit the lake, don't forget to miss this place. The bridge is one of the photograph paradises favored by tourists when they come to Da Lat city.

When to visit Tuyen Lam Lake

According to our experience, you should visit the lake in the early morning or the afternoon, because the landscape here will be much more beautiful. If you go on rainy days, you will not be able to take part in the yacht tour or going pedal duck.

Where to stay

Staying in Tuyen Lam Lake

Staying in Tuyen Lam Lake

Going to the misty land of Da Lat, surely everyone will know Terracotta resort. It is a 5-star luxury accommodation for travelers in Tuyen Lam Lake. With full of amenities and beautiful natural scenery of mountains and forests, the place is incomparable.

Favored by natural mountains and forests, the resort is built in a prime location. You will live in a space surrounded by green pine forests and cold wind.

The resort includes 240 rooms and 21 villas along Tuyen Lam Lake, fully equipped with utilities in accordance with the needs of tourists when coming here to relax.

There is also Dalat Edensee Lake Resort & Spa with a unique, modern European style. There are also some other high-class resorts such as Swiss-Belresort Tuyen Lam, etc.