Any tourists coming to Da Lat must be surprised by the beauty of a blue lake that is called the jade of the dreaming city - Xuan Huong lake.

The lake is upstream of Cam Ly waterfall, the heart of Da Lat city, and one of the rare large lakes in the center. Xuan Huong lake is a famous place and also an attractive tourist destination, creating an exclusive feature for Da Lat tourism.

The history of Xuan Huong lake

The lake was formerly the residence of the old Da Lat people named Lach ethnic group. By 1919, a French envoy, Cunhac, had an idea to stop the stream into a lake and gave it to an engineer named Labbé. By 1923, two dams were built to form two lakes.

In 1932, there was a big storm with a terrible amount of water that broke the dam. It was not until 1934 that a Vietnamese engineer named Tran Dang Khoa designed to replace the two old dams with a large dam built of stone.

Xuan Huong lake - the heart of Da Lat city

Xuan Huong lake - the heart of Da Lat city

The area of ​​the dam was built in front of Quan Dao Palace, run by Mr. Pham Hoe, who was known as Mr. Dao and the palace still exists until today.

The beauty of Xuan Huong lake

Xuan Huong lake is located in the center of the city, is an artificial lake with a crescent moon shape. The lake is 25 hectares wide with clear blue water. Guests will be fascinated by the beautiful scenery when traveling here at different times of the day.

In spring, prunus cerasoides blossoms bloom, bringing with it the sophistication of heaven and earth, making the two sides of Xuan Huong brightly pink. The warm color of prunus cerasoides blossoms dispells the coldness of the winter.

At this time, a lot of tourists come to the lake to admire, slowly stroll on the road. The wavy, shimmering lake surface reflecting the early golden sun rays makes the scene more fanciful.

Admiring prunus cerasoides blossoms blooming by Xuan Huong lake in spring

Admiring prunus cerasoides blossoms blooming by Xuan Huong lake in spring

Coffee shops by the lake

Another ideal destination which attracts many tourists to see Xuan Huong lake is Thuy Ta coffee shop, an exceptional architectural work associated with the lake. It appeals travelers by its unique appearance on the lake with outstanding white color. For the Da Lat people, Thuy Ta has carved into their mind, and it is attached to the image of Xuan Huong lake.

In the French colonial period, the coffee shop was named "La Grenouillère" (Frog Lagoon). The Sino-Vietnamese name "Thuy Ta" may refer to "Thuy Toa," which means an architecture located on the water.

Ways to admire the scenery at Xuan Huong lake

By a horse wagon

Xuan Huong lake brings a charming landscape to make couples more engaged. Visitors can go on a splendidly decorated carriage while chatting and taking pictures, enjoying the peaceful feeling, and passing the highlights of the city like Yersin Park, the city flower garden, and Cu hill.

In the afternoon, when the sky turns into brighten red, the last rays of the day gradually lose the glorious moments of the sun, giving way to the night.

With a price of VND 200,000 for 4-6 people, you will be able to go nearly 1 round of the lake.

The sunset on Xuan Huong lake

The sunset on Xuan Huong lake

By a tandem bike

At night, Xuan Huong lake is just as bustling as the pavement shops and eateries. Above all, the tandem bike rental area is always popular to couples, friends, and groups who want to enjoy the beautiful view of the lake at night. The voices, laughter, and fun make the lake space lively. It takes only 45 minutes to ride a round of the lake.

By a pedal duck

Another way to enjoy the beautiful scenery at Xuan Huong lake is going pedal duck for VND 30,000/hour. Couples are often very interested in this type of service.

Enjoy the cuisine at Xuan Huong lake

Amidst the chilly atmosphere, enjoying specialties such as grilled rice paper, grilled corn, etc. will be the best experience for Da Lat nightlife.

Da Lat hotels which are near Xuan Huong lake

Arriving in Da Lat, it would be a shortcoming if we could not stay at a hotel room with a view of Xuan Huong lake. The following are some Da Lat hotels for travelers.

  • 2-star hotels: Khai Ngoc, Thien Huong.
  • 3-star hotels: Pho Nui, Ngoc Phat, Dalat Plaza, Thanh Thuy.
  • 4-star hotels: Kings Hotel, Ngoc Lan TTC Hotel.
  • 5-star hotels: Dalat Palace Hotel.